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Acendia Certified Partner Network

Help Non-Profits and Businesses Excel

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Help your clients thrive with tech. Your firm will thrive by adding value.

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Broaden your offerings and grow your business with recurring revenue.

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Acendia invests strongly in our Partners. As one team, we all succeed.

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Few firms can offer app solutions. Differentiate from our competition.

Benefits to Becoming a Partner

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Welcome Kit
  • Partner Newsletter
  • Ongoing Training
  • Partner Marketing Kits
  • Awards and Award Submissions
  • Program Logos and Graphics
  • Marketing Development Funds (MDF)
  • Early Beta Testing and Feature Development
  • Demonstration and Testing Licenses
  • Use of Acendia Trademark in your Advertising Campaigns
  • Acendia Financing options to your Clients
  • Acendia Grants for Non-Profits

How does the program work?



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Solution Partner

Solution partners provide Acendia solutions to your Clients. Acendia works on your behalf for all implementation for your Clients.

You receive a percentage of all revenue, including design, training, and recurring subscription revenue.

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Design Partner

Design Partners provide Acendia solutions to your clients, but are capable of providing the design services themselves.

Design Partners keep 100% of billings for design services, plus a percentage of training and Recurring subscription revenue.

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Training Partner

Training Partners provide Acendia solutions, but are trained to be the trainers for onboarding and ongoing support.

Training partners receive 50% of onboarding, 100% of ongoing support, plus a percentage of design and recurring subscriptions.