Enhance your patron’s experience and build stronger relationships

Features App Interface

Make your brand progressive

Striking welcome pages with your images and logo. Multimedia content – video, audio, pics, text.

Built in eCommerce

Tickets, donations and memberships with monthly/annual subscriptions and auto-renewals. Reduce ticket window staffing needs.

Personalized Marketing

Integrate into your Digital Marketing initiatives. Know each patrons habits and interests so that you can target personalized messaging.

Features App Interface

Unlimited Tours

Your virtual docent storyteller with multimedia capabilities. Calendaring, variable pricing and reservation enabled.

Unlimited Events

Require reservations, charge a fee, or have an open event.

Interactive Enhanced Stories

Beautiful photos, video, audio, text and custom mapping makes everything more engaging and interactive.

Features App Interface

Features App Interface

Skip the Lines Convenience

Users can buy tickets and sign up for events right from your app. They don’t need to wait in lines.


Insert Google and custom image maps with pinch, zoom and custom pins. For Tours, Places and location of Events.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty programs are proven to boost growth and increase sales through enticing offers.

Features App Interface


Join or buy memberships without leaving your app. Multiple membership levels, categories, and renewal options.

Digital Member Card

Convenient access for members. Active clock prevents screen-sharing.

Reduced Costs

Slash print and mailing costs with auto-renewals. In app user address updating eases staff burdens.

Features App Interface

Features App Interface

Built In Social Sharing

Pre-filled Hashtags for easy sharing. Direct Operating System sharing (iOS & Android)

Be In the Know

Easily find Events through lists and calendars. Receive special offers and push notifications.

Offers and Sponsorships

Beacon and Geo-location based offers. Build ancillary revenue from Sponsorships.

Features Desktop App Interface

Keep it Fresh

Simple web portal to build, change and update your app at anytime without programmers.

Tracking and Analytics

Visitors are no longer anonymous. Tracking records all user activities. Real-time analytics. Obtain feedback.

Custom Integration Into Any System

Other systems or databases? No worries. Integrate your app data into any system.

Features Desktop App Interface